Centre for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies, Damongo.

Our Logo

The Center for Conflict Transformation and Peace Studies (CECOTAPS) is a faith-based, non-profit Peacebuilding Institution committed to the just and peaceful transformation of violent conflicts through peace education. CECOTAPS seeks to create an enabling environment for authentic human development through the promotion of sustainable peace in the three northern regions of Ghana by creating just and peaceful communities where people live together in ‘right relationships’ and the dignity of the human person, created in the image of God, is respected. The Centre seeks to achieve this by creating opportunities for fundamental social change through non-violent action and building capacities within communities to engage in constructive conflict prevention, transformation and peacebuilding.

Institutional Values and Guiding Principles.

  1. Our belief in the inherent dignity of the human person is the foundation of our work. Every human life has inherent value and dignity independent of race, gender, age or economic status.
  2. We believe that as social beings, we find fulfillment in relationship to God and other persons. We realize our dignity and rights in relationship with others in our families and in communities.
  3. We believe that as human beings we have the responsibility to participate in society and in the institutions that make up our communities. It is a fundamental demand of justice and a requirement for human dignity that all people be assured a minimum level of participation in the community.
  4. We believe that human beings are more than receptacles for satisfaction, they are possessors of moral consciousness. What ultimately makes our existence meaningful is not satisfying our appetites but developing and actualizing our highest potentials. Personal transformation makes this possible by bringing our the intrinsic good in human beings and with changed, better human beings, society as a whole becomes a changed, better place.
  5. We believe that people are competent – that they have the capacity to handle their own problems and they have the capacity to give consideration to others. Given the right environment and support people often will rise to the occasion and fulfill all these potentials. And when this happens the individuals involved are changed for the better and ultimately that changes the whole social environment.


We envision CECOTAPS as an institution of excellence playing a key role in creating an enabling environment for authentic human development in Northern Ghana through the internalization of the culture of peace in all communities.


The mission of CECOTAPS is to promote sustainable peace in the three northern regions of Ghana through non-violence, education, constructive conflict prevention, transformation and peacebuilding.


The goal of CECOTAPS is to use the Catholic Church’s theory and praxis of peace to promote peaceful coexistence in Northern Ghana.

Strategic Objectives

  • Develop an in-depth training program and support services in conflict resolution in Northern Ghana.
  • Strengthen the capability of communities and community based peace building organization in northern Ghana to engage actively in the peaceful transformation of violent conflict.
  • Increase awareness and use of nonviolent strategies in responding to conflict in Northern Ghana.
  • Promote good local and traditional governance as a tool for peacebuilding.
  • Promote peace education in schools
  • Promote Research and Reflective Peace proactive.